In compliance with the Law 34/2002 of July the 11th on the matter of Services for the Information Societies and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that Manipulados Nicola S.L.


The conditions contained in this privacy policy govern the access and the use of the Website that Manipulados Nicola S.L. for the present, makes freely available to Internet users, without prejudice that this circumstance may change its accordance with general condition 2. Access to the site implies full acceptance of these conditions. The use of certain services offered on this website, will be governed by additional conditions stipulated in each case, which will have to be here forth accepted by the mere use of said services.


The viewing, printing and downloading of partial contents of the Website is only acceptable on the concurrence of the following conditions:

That it is compatible with the aims of the Website.

That it is done exclusively for the purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use. It is expressly prohibited to do it so for commercial aims, distribution, public communication, transformation or disarticulation.

That none of the contents on the Website is modified in any way.

That no graphics, icons or images available on the Website are used, copied or distributed separately from the rest of the images accompanying it.

Unauthorized use of the information contained on the Website, resale, or violation of intellectual or industrial property rights owned by Manipulados Nicola S.L., will result on legal action.


2.1. Overall responsibilities

The access to the Website and the unauthorized use that may be made of the information contained herein is the sole responsibility of those who do it.

2.2.  On the running and availability of the Website

Manipulados Nicola S.L. reserves the right to modify and update the information contained on the website, the configuration and the presentation thereof, and its access, at any time and without prior notice.
Manipulados Nicola S.L. is not responsible for any breaches of security that may occur or the damages that may arise on the user’s computer system (hardware and software), the files or the documents stored within, as a result of:

The presence of viruses on the computer used to connect to the servers and the content of the Website.

Malfunction of the browser.

Or the use of non-updated versions of it.

Manipulados Nicola S.L.  uses virus detection programs to monitor all the Content submitted to the Website. However, Manipulados Nicola S.L. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the Site that may have been introduced by third parties unrelated to Manipulados Nicola S.L. and that may alter the User’s physical or logical systems or the electronic documents and files stored on the systems. Consequently, Manipulados Nicola S.L. will be in no way held responsible for any damages of any kind that may arise from the presence of viruses or other elements that may alter the physical or logical systems, the electronic documents or the files from users.

Nonetheless Manipulados Nicola S.L. uses various measures to protect the Website against the attacks of third parties. However, Manipulados Nicola S.L. does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may not access the Website in the manner of a User, and on which conditions, characteristics and circumstances said use is made. Therefore, Manipulados Nicola S.L. will be in no way responsible for any damages that may result from such unauthorized access.

Manipulados Nicola S.L.  does not guarantee the lack of interruptions or errors on the access to the Website or its contents, or that said contents are updated. Manipulados Nicola S.L., will carry out, unless there are causes that prevent or hinder the execution, and as soon as the errors, disconnections or lack of information on the content are notified, all the tasks necessary to correct errors, restore communication and update the contents.

Manipulados Nicola S.L. reserves the right to interrupt access to the Website or any of its contents at any time and without notice.

2.3.  On the contents and the quality of the Service
Manipulados Nicola S.L. assumes no liability for the content linked to the Website, provided that they are alien to it. Nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may alter the computer system (hardware and software), the documents or the user files. Manipulados Nicola S.L. is exempt to any liability for damages of any kind caused to the user.

On the event that a user, customer or third party considers that the contents or services provided by the linked sites are illegal or harmful to the goods or rights of the user, the customer or a third party, making them liable for compensation and, in particular, when they consists of:
Activities or contents that could be considered criminal according to Spanish criminal law.

Activities or contents that violate intellectual or industrial property rights.

Activities or contents that may endanger public order, criminal investigation, public security and national defense.

Activities or contents that endanger public health protection, respect for human dignity and the principle of non-discrimination and protection of health and infancy.

It can be made known to Manipulados Nicola S.L., however, the reception of such notices will not mean the knowledge for the purposes of liability as it is stated on Article 17 of the LSSICE.

Manipulados Nicola S.L. is not responsible for the lack of usefulness or suitability for a specific use of this Website.

Manipulados Nicola S.L. is not liable for damages that the User may suffer from errors or omissions occurred on the contents of this Website, but also agrees to periodically verify and monitor the contents and information published on the Website.

2.4.  On the use

Manipulados Nicola S.L. shall not be liable in any way for the way in which the Users may use the Website or its Contents, or for any damages that may result from said use.

2.5.  On the contents

Any links to third parties on the Website will be links to main pages. “Deep links”, “framing” and any other exploit of the Website’s contents by unauthorized third parties are strictly forbidden.
Through this Website the User will have access to websites that are both relevant and managed by third parties.

The presence of such links is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any invitation to purchase products or services offered on the website of destination. The User will access under his own responsibility to the content, and under the terms of use governing such sites. The User acknowledges and agrees that Manipulados Nicola S.L. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages caused by accessing these links.

On the event that Manipulados Nicola S.L. had actual knowledge that the information or activity referred to from these links is illegal, constitutes a crime or could damage the property or the rights of a third party, liable to compensation, Manipulados Nicola S.L. will act with due diligence to remove or disable the link as soon as possible.


The use of the Website does not give the User any right over trademarks, trade names, logos or designs of any kind that appear on the Website. The articles, news, legislation and other public content, of which Manipulados Nicola S.L. does not possess the rights to, are published for the sole purpose of informing the Users of the Website.
Manipulados Nicola S.L. owns the source code, design, navigation structure, databases and various software components of the Website, as well as industrial and intellectual property rights related to contents included in the page.


Manipulados Nicola S.L. guarantees the Users that the Website does not use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are created on your computer that can recognize registered users once they have registered for the first time without having to register at each access to certain areas and services. Cookies allow us to know the date and time of each visit and which contents have been accessed. You have the possibility of configuring your Internet browser to alert you on the screen of the reception of cookies and also to prevent that they are installed on the hard drive of your computer.

Therefore, except on the occasion where the user willingly gives Manipulados Nicola S.L. his personal information through the Contact Forms enabled for that purpose, browsing is completely anonymous and does not require any ID to view the contents of the Website.
Manipulados Nicola S.L. and the User, expressly resign any other jurisdiction, and subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of Manipulados Nicola S.L. registration office for any dispute that may arise from accessing or using the Website.